Halloween Home Safety Tips

The spookiest time of the year is almost here. To ensure the safety of home owners,  tenants, and trick or treaters we’re sharing a few safety tips below for keeping everyone safe while having a good time!

Check Outdoor Lights

Now that the sunsets earlier make sure to check and replace outdoor lighting. Replace blown bulbs to allow for a well lit and safe welcome for trick or treaters. 

Clear Walk Ways

Inspect low lit walk ways for objects that may be a hazard. Make sure walk ways are clear of objects. Check for uneven pavement and place a light source to allow visibility and prevent a possible trip and fall. 

Inspect Halloween Decor

Double check outdoor Halloween decorations to make sure sharp objects are removed, replace wick candles with battery lit candles, make sure decor doesn’t create a trip hazard, if using a fog machine make sure pavement and walk path is even to prevent falls. 

Safe Guard Yourself

If you plan on welcoming trick or treaters invite a few friends over to enjoy the fun! Showing visitors you’re not home alone for your own safety. Always keep all doors locked and check to see who’s knocking before opening the door. Make sure outdoor security cameras are on and working. 

Grab and Go Candy

If you prefer to leave candy in a bowl for trick or treaters to help themselves inspect the bowl throughout the night. Make sure the bowl only has the candy you’re offering. For the safety of little visitors make sure candy isn’t a chocking hazard and are individually wrapped. 

Have a fun safe Happy Halloween!